BREAKING: Horse Race, Anyone?


(Photo of a horse race in Gansu province in Tibet by slobo486.  Some gorgeous shots here — magical stuff.)

Andrea Mitchell, reporting on MSNBC, that it looks like a horse race — at least in terms of finances — for the Democratic primary in first quarter reporting.  Obama's campaign is reporting that they have raised $25 million — with 100,000 separate donors who have contributed for primary funding and the $2,300 limit.  Which means they can double dip with these folks for general election campaign funding, if need be.

No word as yet from the Clinton camp on the breakdown of Hillary's funding, but Arianna had some thoughts on that yesterday.  And Edwards managed to pick up around $14 million as reported by his campaign as well.

More on this as I get it — but it sure looks like a horse race to me.  Money does not equal a win, but it sure does make it a lot easier to get your message out the way things are set up at the moment, doesn't it?

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