The political heat is ramping up all over the nation's…preschools?  This satirical take on political commercials really brings home the juvenile idiocy of so many political campaigns these days, and I could not resist showing it to you guys. 

The above "commercial" is actually a response to this initial "attack ad," which also cracked me up.  "Give your gold star to Jimmy Jones.  He colors inside the lines."  Mwahahahahahahahahaha.  Hilarious.

I thought we could all use a giggle this morning — and a bit of a discussion on what we would rather see in terms of political discussion in this nation of ours.  And what we can all do to make that happen.

NOTE:  I will be on Air America talking with Thom Hartmann today around 1:40-ish 2:00-ish pm ET. (For Jacqrat's sake, I'm repeating this. Now go get your cuppa coffee, hon, and turn on the radio…we'll wait for you.)

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