In Awe

In our copious spare time (Ha!), Mr. ReddHedd and I have been devouring the latest Discovery Channel wildlife series called "Planet Earth."  It took five years of filming with high definition capability — and the production is nothing short of breathtaking in the episodes that we have watched thus far.  The majesty of life on this little blue planet of ours, the chaos in some places and order in others, the loss and the fight for survival — it is all there in its infinite pain and beauty.

And we are mesmerized.

Our little blue planet holds nothing short of miracles, and the work that must have gone into filming all of this is as outstanding as it is jaw-dropping in its scope.   Discovery has uploaded a few more videos to YouTube, which you can find here, and they are all worth watching.  If you are not moved by the beauty and the fierceness of these shows, then you truly have no heart.  How could anyone not want to protect this beautiful orb of blue of ours?

…and if you aren't just the least bit trepidatious about what this augurs, then you have no working brain.

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