Snow Job


It's getting deep at the White House.  Tony Snow, during today's daily briefing just said that the President has no recollection of ever being asked about the US attorney firings.

And that the White House has made a "generous offer" of having WH staffers and DoJ folks have a discussion or an interview with Congress without being under oath and without having a transcript.  Because, as everyone knows, the folks at the White House are oh so trustworthy.

The briefing is still ongoing.  Snow is whirling the spin out like a dervish.  And it is getting awfully deep.  Use this thread to document the rest of the briefing atrocities.

(And H/T to Nola Sue for this Tony Snow gem — karma really is a bitch, and she apparently subscribes to Lexis/Nexis.  Well, actually Glenn appears to have the Lexis/Nexis [H/T woid].)

UPDATE:  More from today's Snow Job briefing.

Q.  Did Karl Rove have an e-mail through the RNC?

A.  Oh, yeah.  Next question.

Is it me or do there need to be a whole helluva lot more questions asked about this, including how many of these does Rove have?  Has he turned over e-mails from there to Congress as well?  And why in the hell are my taxes paying his salary if he's working for the RNC?

UPDATE #2:  The word you are looking for to describe Snow's performance today:  unctuous.

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