On Sunday, March 11 we're happy to be having Joe Conason on with his new book, It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush. I have been thoroughly enjoying Conason's succinct and eloquent dismantling of the GOP politics that lied us into war.  Howie Klein is also a fan:

It's one of those rare books I have to ration so that I don't finish it too fast. It reads like a how-to manual for dealing with the criminality of the Bush Regime.

My favorite line thus far, a quip about the Pod:

In a column urging the president to invade Iraq immediately — a notion that betrayed the profound ignorance of the logistical requirements of modern war — New York Post pundit John Podhoretz bluntly touted political profit.  The excitable son of neoconservative eminence Norman often babbles forth the unspoken (and unspeakable) inner thoughts of his clique.

Or as we in the blog world call it, "fodder."

Joe also has a great podcast discussion with Sean-Paul Kelley about the book here

Please join us, it's a great book and we're really looking forward to talking with Joe about it.