The Spin I’m In: Waiting Room


"Waiting Room"

Libby Trial
So we're all waiting for the jurors to come back. Some heavy hitting, out of the ballpark justice is due but we wait powerlessly at this point for the verdict. Like a pregnancy test, or an HIV test, or a job that you want, or a crush to call, or waiting for a loved one to check in from a scary place.

Whilst we wait, I have a confession to make… until about two weeks ago I didn't know why "comments" on my posts (and others on FDL) usually started off with "FITZ!" I always thought that it was some kind of blog-speak slang that I didn't know about. Not being of Irish decent, I definitely knew that it wasn't referring to me. I literally only put two and two together on what/who "FITZ!" was referring to once the trial started. (Please bear in mind that I was only recently clued in to what "lol" meant).  Granted, I knew who Fitzgerald was, but sometimes I need numerous hits over the head for me to say "oh, I get it." 

Anna Nicole Smith Hearing
Being a lover of the bizarre and sensationalistic (and a fan of Anna's), I tuned in to some live coverage at some really juicy moments. I'd be a terrible juror. I'm such a sucker. First I sympathized with Howard, then the mom, then the (probable) father, then back to Howard and the (probable) father. Please let there be cameras during the paternity suit. I'd love to see Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband- Prince What The Hell take the stand.

For those of you in LA who feel like blowing off some steam (whatever the source of the flame may be), my band is playing tomorrow night at Safari Sam's in Hollywood with Nudist Priest and The Amadans. WARNING: there will be live male nudity. Not for the weak of rock nor for those without an appreciation of the absurd.


The Spin I'm In: Waiting Room






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Waiting Room




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