Lunch Break


Thought we could use a tour through some news for today:

— If you haven't yet seen this, do go to Crooks and Liars and watch Paul Bremer squirm under questioning in Rep. Henry Waxman's oversight hearings on war profiteering.  What's $12 BILLION missing dollars between cronies, anyway?  (More live hearing coverage here.)

— Yet another reason that I love Digby.  Service job, anyone?

Holden at First Draft finds that the economics of Shrub tourism aren't so rosy these days.  Gee, wonder why?  I just can't imagine why people wouldn't want to make a pilgrimage to Crawford, TX, to buy cufflinks with George Bush's face on them to wear proudly to the next junior high girls' basketball spaghetti dinner fundraiser, can you?

Maha is doing a great series on the history of Rudy.  Well worth a read.  Taylor has more — do yourself a favor, and click thru on this one for sure.

TBogg continues to crack me up.

—  Larry Johnson has some thoughts on Walter Pincus, and the value of doing your job.

— And Mark Kleiman takes on the "right-to-cancer" movement.  Boo yah!

Prof. Juan Cole has the depressing round-up from Iraq this morning.  Not sure what else to say after reading this.  Except make some calls to Capitol Hill, would you?

Tom Schaller has an op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun today on the dilemma facing African-American Democrats in the upcoming presidential primary.  Thought provoking stuff, and worth a read.  In the African-American community, 59% of the votes come from women — yet another reason that politicians ought to start contemplating the issues near and dear to those of us on the female side of things a lot more carefully.  (Not that they are so substantially different from the men's issues, frankly, but pretending that politics is run by a bunch of men smoking cigars in the back rooms and only by them is laughingly outdated.)

— Congrats to our own FiniFinito, who will be working on podcasts from YKos2!  Yay, Fini!  You can read more about this here and here.

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