Traitorgate Postings at FDL: From The Start To The Present (2/9/05 to 7/17/05)


I started looking back at a few of my earlier postings on the Traitorgate investigation into the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson, and at some of Jane's early work as well, trying to find a particular post that I remembered from early on in the investigation.  And it dawned on me that a full listing of links to every post, along with a brief description, might be useful for me — and for others who were likewise trying to find a particular post on a narrow subject within the whole. 

This has taken me a long time to string together, let me tell you.  I knew that we had been writing quite a bit about this subject…but I really had NO idea until I started putting this together.  Hopefully someone else will also find this useful.  If nothing else, there are some Plameaholics out there who won't be getting much sleep this weekend but, look at it this way:  these posts will certainly tide you over until testimony resumes on Monday. 

Let me just take a moment to thank the wonderful Emptywheel for all of her liveblogging prowess the last couple of weeks.  Amazing work, and we are so grateful for every last minute of it.  With Jane and Swopa headed to DC this weekend, the FDL All-Stars will keep giving you live coverage of every possible minute of the Libby trial.  But, in the meantime, take a stroll down memory lane with some of the great snark-o-licious Jane gems below.  (All of these links are before my time started at FDL — it was this great sort of digging and fabulous writing that drew me to FDL in the first place.)

Anyway, here are the links, in chronological order:

2/9/05:  Assessment of media coverage of Traitorgate, with a comparison to Jeff Gannon.

2/19/05:  The Gannon/Guckert knowledge of Traitorgate, and Rove.

2/23/05:  Comparison to the wingnut treatment of the Gannon story and Traitorgate.

6/27/05:  The Miller/Cooper SCOTUS decision and journaistic claims of privilege.

6/30/05:  Morality, Bush, and worrying about the next Ken Starr moment.

7/2/05:  Karma is a bitch.

7/2/05:  Scotty McCellan's briefings and the meaning of chum for the sharks in the water.

7/3/05:  The Rovian Defense Squad.

7/4/05:  Wherein the argument is made that the information was already disclosed. 

7/5/05:  Is Judy Miller hiding her behind with the 5th Amendment?

7/6/05:  The media and the handing out of free passes.

7/7/05:  Judy Miller:  tipping off terrorists for fun and profit?

7/7/05:  Some background on how Fitz became special prosecutor.

7/9/05:  Yet another reason why Bob Novak is beneath contempt.

7/10/05:  Newsweek confirms Rove was Cooper's source on Plame (and an assortment of wingnut eating crow quotations).

7/11/05:  Nothing like the facts to ruin a perfectly good Steno Sue article.

7/13/05:  Wherein one Judith Miller has the NRO turn on her ass.  (Who could have predicted that one, I ask you?)

7/13/05:  The basics of the investigation.

7/14/05:  Wherein David Gregory asks some tough questions of McCLellan and gets no real answers.

7/15/05:  In which Rove tries the "I don't recall." defense.

7/15/05:  What an ex-CIA agent think of outing a NOC.  (Not pleased.  And that's an understatement.)

7/16/05:  Yet another reason not to trust Bob Novak.

7/17/05:  A Billmon gem, comparing Fitz to the Terminator.

7/17/05:  Karl Rove isn't telling the whole truth.  (Duh.)

7/17/05:  On Fitz.

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