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Court is adjourned for the day.  Marcy and Christy need to collect themselves, get their coats, get refreshment and food, and get back to Plame house.  Maybe Christy will have some more observations or a wrap up for everyone later.

Meanwhile. . .

Glenn Greewald gives us more on Lieberman's extremism.

Matt Stoller calls out Democrats who insist on repeating history with respect to Iran. 

Howie Klein looks at today's Foriegn Relations Committee vote in the senate.

Digby gets snarky.

Sean-Paul has a must see clip of Chuck Hagel over at the Agonist (by the way, if you don't go there often, you need to go there more often).

Steve Gilliard parses another layer of Iraq bullshit.

Latina Lista reacts to the SOTU. 

Taylor Marsh cheers on Jim Webb's SOTU response. 

John Amato gives us a happy face and a. . . I'll let you fill in your own adjectives

. . . What's in your (non-Libby) news today?

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