Waiting Room — Saturday Edition


(Screen grab from Breakfast At Tiffany's.)

Just spoke to folks at the hospital.  Jane is doing well, and was getting ready to take a nap.  Howie and Matt Stoller are apparently going to visit this afternoon, and I hope to get a first hand report from them at some point.  Jane has been up for another walk today, although the adrenaline from the surgery stage has worn off and she's dealing with a bit more pain today — so the hope is that she can get plenty of rest.  (Hence the Holly Golightly photo above.  Tres chic!)

Jane will likely remain in the ICU at least another day or two for recovery, so her visitation and calling will be limited.  Since folks have been asking about that, I thought I would pass it along — and I am trying to subtly hint here that Jane needs her rest (whether she admits it to herself or not!), so those of us who are helping out are trying to enable that rest as much as we can.  No word on pathology, and I have no idea when we'll get any news on that front — still waiting.

She wants everyone to know how much she appreciates all the thoughts and prayers and well wishes. 

Because I've been so busy on the logistical end of things, I've missed several of the posts on other blogs wishing her well, so I'd appreciate it if everyone could do me a favor:  if you know of a blog post from someone sending Jane well wishes or something similar, could you please post a link to it in the comments?  Jane and I want to be able to thank folks for their wonderful support, and I just have not had time to track them all down.  We don't want to miss a thank you note, so any help you could give us on this — and especially for Jane to have them all in once place — would be very much appreciated.

In the meantime, Bob Geiger has the Saturday Cartoons available for giggles.  I'm especially fond of the Lucovich today…

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