The Waiting Room


(Photo of The Peanut and Kobe having a moment in our living room, taken by Auntie Jane, last summer.)

Yesterday, as Jane was speaking to me with her behind hanging out of a pink paper gown (and how often do you get to type that?) waiting for her next doctor's appointment to begin, we were laughing about something silly that had happened to her the day before in between her other doctor's appointments, and it just hit me that sometimes, your family just finds you wherever you may be in life, regardless of whether you are out there looking for more family or not. 

And it sure feels like Jane — and so many of you out there — are a part of my family, after all of these days of conversation.  At least it sure feels that way to me.

It seems odd to think that Jane and I met in the comments section of DKos in the summer of 2005, blabbing about the Traitorgate investigation.  We started blogging together that fall because it was cheaper than talking on the phone five times a day, and e-mailing in between, about inconsistencies in reporting on Traitorgate investigation, and the legal ins and outs under which the FBI and Fitzgerald's team were operating as the grand jury proceedings inched their way forward, hearing evidence and testimony. Since then, we've been through an amazing election cycle, have picked up an awesome crew of posting regulars here at FDL, and we've covered a whole lot of issues that need some serious accountability and oversight.

A few weeks ago, Jane had a mammogram, a routine one, we hoped, but alas it turned up something odd.  Jane's been through this a few times, and beaten cancer twice, so we hoped it would just end up being one of those irritating scar tissue anomolies that show up on your mammogram after you've had a lump removed.  (Believe me, I have SO been there.)   Unfortunately, after a hideous round of test after test, it turned out to be something far more serious than we had ever prayed it would be.  And then there was more testing, and more worry, and more of the dreadful waiting for results.  And then, even worse, the results.

So, here we are this morning, still blabbing about the Libby case, while we wait to hear something about Jane's surgery today, which is set to start around 7:30 am PT.  I thought we could all use a space to hang out a bit and wish Jane well, or just mill about waiting for Digby and/or John Amato of Crooks and Liars to call me and give me an update which I will post promptly, I promise.  (Ring, phone…RING!)

That cancer had better be good and scared, because Jane is going to kick its ass…in the meantime, let's all take a moment to send out some hope for an easy surgery and some very, very clear lymph nodes for Jane, please.  And a hug to all of you who have come to mean so much to both of us.

PS — Arlen Specter is SO on my list this morning, just FYI.  Defender of the constitution, my ass.  Henceforth, he shall be known as Lord North, toady to the monarchy, and enabler of the politicization of the US Attorneys Offices which are now being staffed by political minions of Karl Rove, which will be more than happy to sally forth with their unlimited subpoena powers against all and sundry who offend the Turdblossom and his cronies.  Jeebus. 

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