The Waiting Room, Second Cuppa


Just got off the phone with Digby — Jane went into surgery this morning at precisely 7:30 am PT.  Digby spoke with the surgeons prior to Jane going in, and hung out with Jane while the anesthesia was kicking in this morning.  (Let's just say that Jane was a hoot as she was going under and leave it at that…)  The surgery is expected to last a while, depending on what they find and how the pathology reports come back and what those indicate will dictate a couple of other things, and then Jane will be in recovery for at least an hour afterward, so it's going to be a fairly long day today.  I am promised updates as they get them from the surgeons.  Will let you guys know as soon as I hear anything.  In the meantime, consider this an open thread. 

And just for kicks, here's a little Buffy…because everyone needs a little cancer vampire slayer, now and then.  What has caught your eye in the news today?  Link it up in the comments below.

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