The Waiting Room, Fifth Cuppa


(Painting by Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night.)

Via a call from Digby, I can now officially report that Jane is out of surgery and her surgeon says that she is doing very well — she's strong, she's a fighter, and thus far, she's having no complications in terms of anesthesia or any of the other surgical concerns.  So that is very, very good news.  As for the cancer end of things, it will likely be at least 48 hours before we have a full pathology report to get any real idea of how things are with that. 

But Jane is through her surgery.  And all is right with the world at the moment at Casa Smith.

You know it's been a long day for Digby and I when we start laughing about something that Jane said…and then we can't stop…oh man, what a relief to know that surgery appears to have gone as well as we can know at this point — without a full pathological report as yet — and that Jane is safely on the other side of the knife.  Woo hoo.

They are going to keep Jane in the ICU for at least the next couple of days as a precaution, so please don't send flowers as she won't be able to get them.  I'll update when that status changes or when I get marching orders on that from Jane.  (Because you know I will…)

There is a waiting room full of happy people in Santa Monica at the moment.  And I'm certain a waiting room full of happy people at FDL.  Thanks all for keeping me company today while I waited for my phone to ring.  Much appreciated.

Amato has more at C&L.

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