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As much of a PR coup as it was for Rep. Keith Ellison to be sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Koran, right wing bloggers aren't about to drop the hate ball, oh, nooooo.  This has merely been a signal for them to begin the swift-boating of our third president. 

T. Bogg, Esq. brings us the latest from brain donor Dan Riehl

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Dan Riehl (who else?):

Allah thinks Ellison's shrewd political move of taking his private oath on a Thomas Jefferson owned copy of the Koran is checkmate. But not so fast. I see Allah has it in an update. But let's look at even more of the picture, while not forgetting that Jefferson owned a slave or two, as well. Is Ellison planing on swearing in on one of them, too? And if so, what religion do you think he or she would be?

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