A Wish…

Dear Santa:

I know we've chatted about world peace and safety for at risk kids and poverty and all sorts of things this year, but just one more present under the tree for some of our readers, if you could?  Please, Santa, this year I'd love it if New Orleans and the whole of the Gulf Coast could know that the rest of us are thinking of them…and if that could, please, translate into some real action to help them out in the New Year.  Real action, not just the faux kind they've been dealing with for months from the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress. 

I know this is asking a lot considering Joe Lieberman will be heading up the Homeland Security committee in the Senate, but I do hope that you might have an in with Henry Waxman and some potential for oversight on the abysmal, Kafkaesque treatment that these folks have had to endure for over a year now.  Any action at all from Congress would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and lots of cocoa to you and the missus,


PS — If you could also please consider giving Debra Dickerson and her editors at Salon a big lump of coal in their stockings this year, that would be swell.  If you'd like a better view as to why this is necessary, Steve Gilliard has an eye-opening comparison.  Perhaps a note to them about the meaning of compassion at this time of year, tucked into a copy of Dickens' A Christmas Carol might be illuminating as well.  Or perhaps Ms. Dickerson would prefer that the Katrina refugees simply died and decreased the surplus population, since they are clearly refusing to stay put in their poorhouse assignments and not bother her, after losing their houses and everything they owned in the flood waters that overtopped the levees in New Orleans and crushed homes all across the Gulf Coast.  Bah Humbug, indeed, Ms. Dickerson.

(H/T to reader RedShift for the YouTube link.)

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