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David Neiwart at Orcinus spotlights something that needs much, much more attention:  the racial sorting that apparently went on during the ICE raids.   Well, that seems to me to be a topic that requires MUCH follow-up reporting.  Any bets as to whether we'll see much of that?  Let's hope so.  Digby has some excellent thoughts on the media coverage of the raids thus far.

— And speaking of immigration issues, you just can't make this up:  a company helping to build a border fence got busted for…hiring illegal immigrants to work on said fence.

— At Fallenmonk, I found a great quote from the GuardianUK on the mess that the Bush Administration has made:

What an amazing bloody catastrophe. The Bush administration's policy towards the Middle East over the five years since 9/11 is culminating in a multiple train crash. Never in the field of human conflict was so little achieved by so great a country at such vast expense. In every vital area of the wider Middle East, American policy over the last five years has taken a bad situation and made it worse….

Go read the whole excerpted bit. It's painfully spot on.  Josh Marshall has a great run-down of myths about Iraq.  (H/T to Twisted Martini for the link on this one.)

Attytood has some great links on the Iraqi soccer team and program, which piggy-back on a story that I heard yesterday on All Things Considered about the team's recent loss to Qatar and the reporter listening to the game with residents of Baghdad.

C&L is running its second annual "Say Something Nice About Bill O'Reilly" contest.  Geez, that's gonna be a short one.

— Over at Calling All Wingnuts, Mike Stark has some thoughts about citizen activism…and politicians who step in their own…erm…macaca.

Mahablog does some great analysis on whose free speech is actually free.

Jamison Foser has some amazing analysis on early election media narratives for the 2008 Presidential race over at Media Matters. 

— Speaking of Media Matters, do NOT miss this gem from Eric Boehlert.  It is an especially poignant read knowing that the AP cameraman that Malkin and her ilk have been trying to slander was killed by insurgents in Iraq this past week. 

Sean-Paul at The Agonist has a classic magazine cover.  Priceless!

— Poor Kate O'Beirne made the list of the worst things about 2006 from DMI.  *sniffle*

Wonkette discusses the latest incompetent loser to be honored by The Shrub.  Teh funny.

— Let's all just take a moment to shower a little love on Digby, for linking up this Lance Mannion smackdown of the idiot that is Snitchens. 

Alicublog talks about sex…bay-bee.  (I swear that Phyllis Schlaffley and her beehive must go away.  And that goes for all of the sanctimonious clones who want to tell everyone how to live their lives.)

— Can I hear an "awwwww" for Judith Regan getting cannedThe LATimes has a great write-up on the clash — and thanks to angie, who last night pointed me to the NYTimes version which contained the nugget that the press release from Harper went out before anyone at Regan's imprint had even been informed that she'd been canned.  Ouch!

Bob Geiger has some fantastic cartoons today.  Go have yourself a giggle…

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