Not As Easy As It Looks


In yesterday's book salon, Joe Wilson stopped by and in response to a question regarding Iraq, he said:

"[W]ith every passing day the situation becomes ever more grave. I worry that we might actually have to fight our way out. There are no magic bullets."

Joe is an experienced diplomat with impressive wartime experience in the region and what he says is sobering and worthy of discussion.  As reader John Casper says (via email):

Joe is "supporting our troops" and his comments are imho, extremely newsworthy. In addition, they are extremely accurate wrt the battlefield. The idea that our troops can just waltz out when ever they please is dead wrong. "Retreating" is the toughest military manuever to execute.

Since the Baker Iraq Study Group is pulling the strings on the war and unwilling to discuss the possibility of withdrawal, I guess this isn't much of a worry for them. The men and women who are actually over there might have some concerns.

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