Hunting for Ponies and Defense Contract$


Tuesday night on Countdown, Keith had retired U. S. General Barry McCaffrey on, the MSNBC resident Pentagon shill military expert.  According to his asshattiness, what we really need over there to "win" is more armored vehicles.  Nothing like pimping for the defense industry while we put our sons and daughters through the meat grinder:

MCCAFFREY:. . . So it‘s been done on the fly, it‘s grossly underresourced, we don‘t have the Iraqis, don‘t have the equipment they need, light armored vehicles, helicopters, AC-130s.  We‘re going to have to buckle down and resource the war and try and achieve some minimal objectives in the coming 24 months.


MCCAFFREY:  Well, you know, I‘ve been banging away on the underresourced aspect of this for two years.  I think, you know, (INAUDIBLE) — if it‘s $7 billion a month to fight the war, why, for God‘s sakes, would we think it was unacceptable to pay for 3,000 to 5,000 light armored vehicles, you know, let‘s say $2 billion, so that the Iraqis could replace us?

So I think, again, Secretary Rumsfeld tried to do this thing on the cheap.  You know, the argument was always, Well, look, they may—

(INAUDIBLE) end up equipping both sides of a civil war.

That would be the same Rumsfeld he was taking talking points from just a few months ago.  But here's the real kicker.  McCaffrey makes the following observation in the next breath, as if as an afterthought:

You know, another thought, Keith, come to think of it, it‘s not just equipment or training, it‘s also the political will, the security forces, to fight for a legitimate government.  That‘s been sadly lacking in the police case.  There are factional militias, murderers, and in the case of the army, in many instances, they‘re really Kurdish troops, peshmerga, or they‘re Shia, or Sunni, and they‘re not taking orders from the national government.

These are really evil people.  In one breath, he's pimping more hardware sales for the military, presumably so we can find the pony and "win."  Then he points out the very reality that negates everything he's been saying.  These pundit generals know we've lost.  Everyone knows we have to get out; there's no winning in that civil war.  But they go on television and lie to the American people, so some other mother's son can get killed.

This Thanksgiving, families will be getting together all across the country, and they'll be talking about the war.  They'll be talking about the elections.  And they'll know that television pundits and people like Barry McCaffrey are full of shit. 

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