Jacob Hacker's new book, The Great Risk Shift will be the topic of discussion this Sunday at the FDL Book Salon.  Our good friend Henry Farrell of Crooked Timber (author of this superb piece on the role of blogs in the last election, a must-read if you haven't yet done so) will be hosting the online chat with Hacker. Having been deluged with Regan-era notions of "all government bad" for so long, it's high time to shift the terms of this discussion into what, exactly, the appropriate role of government is in our lives. Hacker argues that while Newt and the Contract With America crowd want to transfer risk off of government or business and onto the shoulders of individuals as they try to "migrate" Medicare or "privatize" social security, it becomes increasingly clear that people are not welcoming the erosion of these safety nets as the opportunity for "choices" they are packaged to be.  Hacker's book is an attempt to begin the slow business of reshaping the terms of this public debate.  It's a controversial book that recently fueled a heated wonkapalooza over at The American Prospect and we look forward to hosting Henry, Jacob Hacker and anyone else who would like to spend the afternoon pissing off Glenn Reynolds.  Good times.