(Photo From the Files of the Department of Things You Will Never, Ever See.)

Glenn has some thoughts about the neocons trying to whine their way out of blame for the failures of their planning, attempting to tie an anvil around the Bush Administration while whistling past the fact that the same blame is heavily placed equally at their own feet.

And over at Bob Geiger's blog, Bob takes a peek at the bill proposed by Chris Dodd to restore the Constitution and legal precedents back to their rightful place in whatever judicial proceedings we are attempting to cobble together for folks in Guantanimo.  This is well worth a read and then some — although the veto pen is probably already being inked in anticipation of any passage of this bill, it is certainly a fight worth waging, and waging again and again.  Big thanks to Chris Dodd — and to Pat Leahy and Russ Feingold and…all the other Senators who have been waging it, all along.

It's funny that at a time when in-front-of-the-camera Republicans like John McCain are trying to "stick to the script" on Iraq, the rest of the country is asking some uncomfortable questions about accountability and failure.  I say, it's about time.

More restoration, please.

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