A Little Myth Slaying…


Time Magazine takes a peek at some myths that have cropped up in the shorthanded discussion of the 2006 elections.  And, as it turns out, the CW is getting it mostly wrong…again…according to Time.  The whole short article is worth a read — and is something a whole lot of liberal bloggers have been saying — but it's nice to see facts make it into print, isn't it?  Here's my favorite part:

MYTH: Republicans lost their base.

REALITY: The base turned out, they just got beat.

Right-wing pundits and some conservative politicians have argued that the midterms were, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, a "loss for Republicanism, not conservatism," and that genuine conservatives stayed away from the polls (or cast protest votes) to show their displeasure with a party that had strayed from first principles. Rep. Mike Pence (R-In.) is running for minority leader with a statement that posits, "I believe that we did not just lose our Majority — we lost our way. We are in the wilderness because we walked away from the limited government principles." But, says the White House's political director Sara Taylor, the difference between base turnout in 2002 and 2006 is within the margin of error. And independent exit polls show the same percentages of voters who called themselves "evangelicals," "white born-again Christians," "weekly church-goers," "Republicans" and "conservatives" as in 2006 as in 2004. "The base turned out," says Taylor, "but independents made up a larger share of the electorate and they broke very heavily Democratic."

Yes, that's right, Karl. Your revved up base still turned out in droves, based on your nasty "push the worst buttons of their souls" political strategery, and yet…well…you still got your ass handed to you.  Boo yah! 

It's great that Time decided to take a moment and look at the facts as opposed to just the Beltway CW — more of this, please.

(Oh, and while we're talking about ass-kickings…go Mountaineers!  Apologies to any of our Pitt readers out there, but I couldn't help myself this morning.  H/T to Siun for the article link.  Photo from the campy but still fun to watch Clash of the Titans.)

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