Nancy Pelosi Unanimously Elected Speaker


(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

AP is reporting that Nancy Pelosi was chosen as Speaker-elect of the House of Representatives by a unanimous vote today.  She is the first woman to ever achieve the post, and is the highest ranking woman ever to hold office.

I have to say, my XX chromosomes are feeling awfully proud at the moment.

No official word on the Majority Leader position as yet, but will let you know when I get something solid.

UPDATEHotline reports that Murtha doesn't have the votes.  But nothing confirmed as yet — they've been behind closed doors for more than an hour now.  (H/T to Taylor for the Hotline link.)  Have to say, I've had mixed feelings about both Majority Leader candidates all along, but whomever wins, we need to be united coming out of this on the reform agenda that Pelosi is proposing — we need some serious changes, and soon, on a whole lot of issues.

UPDATE #2:  John Casper noticed a quick turn-around on the Hotline story — and I wanted to be certain that everyone saw it.  Hotline has corrected itself, says that Majority Leader vote hasn't yet occurred, and is backtracking from the "Murtha doesn't have the votes" angle.  Very interesting, indeed.  Questions that come to mind:  who was the original source on this?  Was it expected to effect some votes as people were going into the caucus meeting?  Were they hoping staffers would Blackberry it into the room, and that it would juke the vote?  I'd like to see a little more explanation than the little bit that Hotline put up as a correction, frankly, because that's very, very odd.

UPDATE #3:  Steny Hoyer chosen as Majority Leader, with a fairly sizeable vote.

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