Rabid Lambs, Not Blue Dogs, Won the Election


David "Bobo" Brooks once incoherently ranted that bloggers and grassroots activists were "rabid lambs."  Rahm Emanuel Delay and his minions are blanketing the establishment media to argue yesterday's election results were a victory for conservative "blue dog" Dems, and emphatically not representative of any growing progressive movement. 

There's been some good rapid analysis and reporting on this today, and I want to share some links with people as a kind of one-stop clearing house for what's been done so far.  Bottom line:  rabid lambs chewed up the blue dogs and spit them out yesterday:

Glenn Greenwald eviscerates the blue dog bluster.

Rick Perlstein pens an article for Lieberman Weekly (subscription only).  Atrios has an excerpt, but the whole article has a lot about our Blue America successes with quotes from Howie Klein. 

Howie Klein, the person perhaps most attuned to the perfidies and perfumed egomania of Rahm Emanuel Delay, has more here at FDL, from earlier, in his Blue America review. 

Chris Bowers had some notes last night, late. 

Matt Stoller adds more here, and in another, adds to what Howie had to say. 

Ezra Klein adds his take at TAPPED

And Pope Markos adds his perspective.

The untold story so far has been the amazing Dem GOTV operation.  Even Bush cited it in his presser.  MoveOn's Call for Change was an amazing success, and I look forward to getting some stats about the amazing number of calls they channeled through their infrastructure.  Do More Than Vote also did amazing work to put bodies out there on the streets.  The GOP 72-hour operation was always more hype for the press than juggernaut.  Now we, the netroots and grassroots, are building an awesome political machine, a machine Rahm Emanuel Delay had nothing to do with, and often fought when he could not bend it to his parochial will.

Finally, Howard Dean's 50-state strategy has been more than vindicated.  He's the hero of this election cycle, along with Ned Lamont, who made it possible to nationalize the election on the Iraq occupation.  Had that not happened, Rumsfeld would still be SecDef. 

Don't forget all the amazing work done by labor to get out the vote.  Our friends in labor work tirelessly, thanklessly and effectively to make a difference for all of us. 

Take a bow, rabid lambs.   

Update:  Chris Bowers has another after action review.

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