UPDATE:  Atrios has the video.

Just got this in my e-mail from an election watch group:

A number of problems have been reported this morning as polling places have opened around the country, especially in Ohio, where numerous election machine problems have occurred, leading to delayed openings and long lines. One apparent victim of the Ohio voting machine problems was Congresswoman Jean Schmidt, as a local TV station broadcast footage of her struggling with a machine.

Oh my.  If anyone can find the clip posted online, I will happily post the link.  Election machine problems are no joke — and being able to show evidence that this sort of thing can happen to anyone, even a member of Congress?  Priceless!

Go, Victoria Wulsin!  Get out there and vote gang — let's turn America blue, one ballot at a time!

And if you have trouble voting, try these numbers:

1-888-DEM-VOTE   for the DNC's voter hotline — this will get you directly to DNC lawyers and others to help with fraud issues.

Election Protection's 1-866-OUR-VOTE has live operators who can address some problems over the phone and dispatch lawyers on the ground, if necessary. 

Common Cause's 1-866-MYVOTE-1 can help people find their polling place.

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