FDL Late Nite: Hope

I know, I know, the Kermit song may be corny, but I love it.  I've sung it to babies, like my partner's niece, to get them to sleep.  I have a very serviceable baritone, actually.  I've performed at the Kennedy Center as part of their annual Honors show.  Ok, I was part of a chorus and no one could hear me, but still.  I was on tee vee!
Liberals are accustomed to having their hopes dashed, and for many, the experience of hoping is scary, frightening, a precursor to bitterness, depression and impotent rage.  But it looks like, this time, we may have cause to taste real victory, and I hope everyone can get used to, well, hoping, maybe for the first time.
If we taste victory Tuesday, it will be well earned, and for sure, we will still have lots of work to do, as I discussed earlier tonight.  But it's still worth getting used to winning, believing we can win.  If we win, Rove lost:  think about that.  He's not supernaturally gifted, he's just been on top of a winning machine, but if we win, it's because we've built our own, competing alternate machine:  one that can win.  And we're just getting started.
Reading through the comments today, lots of us have been out walking precincts and handing out literature.  We've been making calls, too.  We're tired, and yet our work is not done before Tuesday.  So for all of you, I wanted to offer a bit of a sweet lullaby, as you'll need a good night's sleep tonight.
In the comments, what are your favorite lullabies, sweet songs, songs of hope, no matter how corny?  Fess up. 

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