(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

You choose:  Change?  Or more of the same unchecked, unaccountable "leadership" from George Bush?  Some actual oversight — or a reward for the Republican party that fired the Inspector General charged with providing oversight for war profiteering in Iraq?  Something better or more of the same?  In my mind, it's a clear choice:  vote for Democrats. 

And it seems that a whole lot of folks in the US of A agree with me.  So much so that George Bush has had to drag his unpopular behind to the reddest of red state territory to shore up the base there:  Georgia, Texas, Montana.  Who would have thought that Rove would have him campaigning in any of these locations this year?

Charlie Cook was just on MNSBC saying that Democrats are likely to pick up 20 to 30 or more seats in the House and that the Senate is looking increasingly likely as well.  Chris Bowers has more poll analysis at MYDD.

But none of this matters if we don't get our voters to the polls.  This is crucial — America needs your help, we all do.  Now is the time to get out our vote, folks.  This weekend is critical crunch time.  Pach had some fantastic resource links yesterday, if you aren't already signed up to do something this weekend.  Let's get out there and kick some GOP boo-tay!

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