Yer Morning Wake-Up Call

This is simply awesome, and I'm so proud of Nate and grinning from ear to ear this morning.  You may remember that regular reader Nate made a decision to move back to California from Hawaii to work for the Charlie Brown campaign against John Doolittle in the CA-04.

Nate has put together the above video update, to let everyone here at FDL know what is going on in the race — and I thought you guys would enjoy the watch this morning.  You can also read much, much more about Nate's work on the race at Get In Their Face blog.

Go Nate!  And go Charlie Brown — because Doolittle has GOT to go this year. 

Huge thanks to all of you, too, for everything you are doing this year to push America forward — making calls, delivering flyers, contributing campaign bucks (which you can do via our ActBlue page)…everything that you are doing is wonderful.  It's about time the folks in Washington realized that they work for all of us — let's make sure they remember it, shall we?

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