Time For a Change


Paraphrasing from Ned Lamont's closing statement in the debate today:

This debate, this campaign is all about change. Things are fundamentally broken in DC, and more of the same will not fix it. I’m running against a career politician who says “stay the course.” Talked about his business experience — "when you see a problem, you don’t kick it down the road, you fix it." I’m going to stand up to the Bush/Cheney Administration. I’m going to stand up to the lobbyists. It won’t take me 18 years to stand up for real health care reform. I’ll stand up to the two oil men in the White House and put in place a plan for real energy reform.

After 18 years, now you are part of that problem [Joe]. Time is up. People in CT want people who represent them to stand up for Connecticut — I’m going to fight for the people of our state.  My name is Ned Lamont, and I’d sure appreciate your vote.

Great debate. Was it me, or did you get the feeling that Joe Lieberman thought Alan Schlessinger was just going to come out and take a dive for him?  Boy was he ever wrong!  Schlessinger's best line:  "Your time is up, Joe — no pun intended."   And what is up with Lieberman, again, refusing to abide by the debate rules and continuing to talk when his time was up?

We had several people live-blogging in the thread below, and we'll link up a transcript and video as we get links. Please use this thread to talk about the CT Senate debate and the need for a change in Washington.

And please consider donating to Ned Lamont via our Blue America page.  (Or a Blue America candidate of your choosing.)  It's crunch time — and every five bucks helps at this stage.  Help our progressive candidates get to Washington this November — because it is well past time for a change.

Had enough?

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