Screw the Kabuki, Let’s Kick Some Butt


Glenn is angry about the McCain/Graham/Warner/Bush compromise on torture.  So is SusieScott calls it exactly for what it is.  SusanUnPC at No Quarter put together some choice thoughts, and links to a Balkinization that is a good read as well.  I’m sitting here sifting through all of the news I’ve missed the last few days while The Peanut has been ill…and wondering how many more Maher Arars there are out there.  And I’m just so pissed, and so disgusted, I don’t even know where to start with all of this.

But one thing is crystal clear to me this morning:  if you’ve been wondering if this has all been public kabuki orchestrated and carried out to suppress the Democratic activist base — because the GOP knows that we are ahead at the moment in a lot of unlikely places and that GOTV efforts are crucial to a win for the Dems — stop wondering.  Without party activists driving that GOTV, or with them doing so with less enthusiasm than usual, the GOP has a shot at re-taking the momentum in some of the closer districts.

And I will be damned if I will allow Karl and his corrupt band of cronies to pull that off.  Again. 

I’m as disgusted as anyone else about the torture issue — hell, I’ve written about it a lot, along with all of the other "GOP spits on the Constitution" machinations of the Bush Administration, we’ve aked you guys to phone all over the place trying to inject some spine on the Dem side.  But winning in November is the first step — after that, we start looking for better candidates and start building a better Dem coalition. 

It’s too late at this point to do anything beyond that — we have less than seven weeks to start the process that saves this nation from the neocons and the Rovian "ends justifies the means" bullshit, and I’m not letting up — no matter how pissed I am.

Let’s take some time this morning and share ideas for getting up off our butts and working the phones, the neighborhoods, the voter registration, the union halls…whatever it takes.  I wrote about some ideas earlier in the week, but some real hands-on commentary from all of you on what has and has not worked in your districts this year would be great this morning.

Let’s take this fight right to their doorstep — in every single district, in every single state — and spend a little time contemplating what Henry Waxman or Russ Feingold or John Conyers or Jack Murtha or Byron Dorgan…well, any number of Democrats on the Hill who are pissed…could do with some subpoena power.  It’s about damn time someone had the ability to demand some accountability, and a Democratic Congress could do just that.

And we expect them to do just that.

But first things first — we have to get them elected.  No matter how pissed we all may be (and that would be plenty in this house), the truth of the matter is there are less than 50 days to the election.  Less than 50 days.  And I don’t know about you, but giving George Bush and Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and all of their arrogant, law-breaking, unilateral executive power-grabbing cronies a case of severe heartburn is a personal goal in this election cycle.  Who is with me?

(The above ukiyo-e print is entitled "Otani Tomoemon V as the Brave Warrior Abeno Sadato in the play ‘Oshu Adachigahara,’" by Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900), is a woodblock print on paper, published in 1865.  Photo by Katherine Wetzel.  Beautiful print.  You can find more information here at the Japan-Virginia Society website.)

PS — I mistakenly identified Tim Walz as being in MN-02 yesterday.  That was incorrect — that’s Colleen Rowley’s district.  Tim is in MN-01, and I wanted to be sure and correct that this morning.  (Thanks to reader "SJ" for the heads up on that!)

PPS — Bob Geiger has some great cartoons this morning. Thought everyone could use a laugh as much as I could.

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