The Spin I’m In: Bollywood High


I’ve always been a fan of musicals from Gold Diggers of 1933 to West Side Story to Grease. I’m a complete sucker for a good dance number. I’m saddened by the fact that the genre has completely faded in the US movie industry and the only choreography that you see anymore on screen is on the small screen in music videos.

I had no idea what Bollywood was until a couple of years ago when I saw some friends of mine performing in The Bollywood Follies at The Key Club in Hollywood. The Bollywood Follies re-enacted famous dance numbers from Bollywood movies of the 1960s along with a live band that absolutely nailed it musically.You see, movies in India (Bollywood) the movie capital of the world, are actually considered a rip-off if they don’t have a big musical/dance number. No matter what the movie is about, at some point an extravaganza ensues. Now that’s entertainment!

So this week no playlist because I really want you to check out and hopefully get a kick out of watching some of these Bollywood gems (links open in a new window).

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