So Let Me Get This Straight…


According to GOP-pushed media logic, someone who steals three of your hubcaps, strips your car down of all the valuable parts, take the license plate and steals your registration should not be charged for all of those crimes because someone else took the first hubcap a little earlier in the day.

Um…yeah.  Try again.  You lie repeatedly to a federal investigator, you pay the penalty, and no amount of after-the-fact ass-covering obfuscation gets around the fact that Libby lied, repeatedly.  If he didn’t need to do so because he and those around him did nothing wrong, then why did he lie on multiple occasions?  And why did a federal grand jury find it troubling enough to indict him on five felony counts for doing so?

It seems to me that someone is pushing awfully hard to keep Dick Cheney and Judy Miller and all the rest of Scooter’s peeps from having to testify publicly under oath.

(H/T to a smart person who came up with the hubcap analogy — I think it’s a great way to explain something that ought to be obvious to people who are being deliberately obtuse while trying to cover their complicit media asses.  I’m talking to you Fred Hiatt and Bill Keller.)

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