Libby Trial Date Set — Jan. 16 Begins Jury Selection


(Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Judge Walton issued an order on September 8. 2006 (that has hit the PACER system, and was forwarded to me by TheOtherWA — thanks!) establishing the jury selection start date for the Libby trial. The judge had held off on setting a new date certain, based on Ted Wells’ request for continuance because of a trial he had previously scheduled in California, until he could check with that court to determine potential conflicts and check his own schedule and that of all the other counsels in the matter.

Apparently, that’s all gotten resolved and the new date and discovery issues schedule is as follows (per the order):

ORDERED that jury selection shall begin on January 16, 2007, with the trial commencing immediately thereafter. It is further

ORDERED, as set forth in the Court’s February 3, 2006 scheduling order, that the parties shall file motions in limine regarding any evidentiary issues they believe will be contested at trial by October 26, 2006, oppositions shall be filed by November 9, 2006, and replies shall be filed by November 15, 2006. It is further

ORDERED, as set forth in the Court’s February 3, 2006 scheduling order, that proposed voir dire questions and jury instructions shall be submitted to the Court by November 13, 2006. (emphasis mine)

In case you missed the Veep’s "exclusive" appearance on Meet the Press on Sunday, E&P helpfully provides a snippet of Cheney’s responses to Russert on the Libby issue, including the following tantalizing tidbit regarding that pesky declassification issue (thanks, Murray!) and nothing about the "p" word:

RUSSERT: There was a story in the National Journal that Cheney authorized Libby to leak confidential information. Can you confirm or deny that?

CHENEY: I have the authority as vice president under executive order issued by the president to classify and declassify information. And everything I’ve done is consistent with those authorities . . . .

RUSSERT: Do you think the president should pardon Scooter Libby?

CHENEY: I’ve said all I’m going to say on the subject, Tim

That’s right, you just leave that to all of your media surrogates, Dick. Well, here’s a thought for you — NO. You lie to the FBI and to the grand jury to protect your boss’s sorry ass, you take your lumps. Period. 

Oh, and one more thing of note.  Marty Peretz is now on the Scoots Advisory Committee (ah, yes, TNR, what a publication, eh?  Joe Lieberman Weekly strikes out again.).  I guess perjury is only a crime when a Democrat is accused of committing it, eh, Marty?  (They’ve added Ron Silver to the list as well — guess someone’s been doing some…erm…ego stroking and decided they needed a mouthpiece for the cause.) 

(Many thanks to TheOtherWA for the tips!)

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