I don’t quite know what Joe Lieberman or his proxies — GOP operatives like Dan Senor and his shadowy Veterans for  Truth 527 — think they have to gain by reminding people of Joe’s bungled war, but somehow they believe it’s a good idea to do so.  Their ads, featuring veterans thanking Joe for putting them in harm’s way (while his own kids sit safely back home) began running yesterday. 

Lieberman claims no association with Senor’s group, but sources say that Steve Rattner  — who has been raising funds for the Lieberman campaign — is telling people that if they have maxed out to Lieberman, they can still give money to Senor.  Sounds kinda cozy.

The bellicose, non-serving, deferment-laden millionaire junior Senator from the Lieberman for Lieberman party will not denounce these efforts by Republicans to swift boat Ned Lamont, according to the successor to the muzzled Dan Gerstein, Tammy Sun (affectionately known as "the Sunster").  If not, then I’m sure they’ll have a nice, big tall glass of STFU when they see the new ad running in Connecticut papers by the veteran’s group, VoteVets:

We Pledged Our Lives to Protect America’s Freedom

When we were  called to serve in Iraq, we did not ask questions.
We kissed our families good-bye and went to do our duty.

But when it comes to war, we all depend on our elected leaders to do their duty…and to ask our government tough questions.

What is our military mission in Iraq?
Where are those weapon of mass destruction?
Why were our American troops sent to Iraq without the proper equipment?
When will the victory come?