A Moment of Zen


Connecticut Bob generously offers a substitute real Connecticut sunset to the Lieberman campaign — turns out the footage they used in the icky Cialis/Summer’s Eve commercial was some stock sunset footage from Getty Images:

…Nice sunset, Lamont’s folks mocked when the ad first debuted.

"It’s actually a sunrise," Gerstein initially insisted. "It’s very much a sunrise."

Actually, it’s very much a sunset, as pro-Lamont bloggers gleefully pointed out. They even tracked down the video used in the ad on the Getty Images Web page. Clip 843-2: "Wide shot sun setting over ocean/ birds walking along water’s edge/ Santa Barbara."

"Wow," said Gazeena, the helpful customer rep at Getty Images. "That’s too bad."

There is a 30-day return policy, she offered. But it’s only good for half the purchase price, somewhere around $1,000, she said. "And if it’s already been used, I’m not sure that applies."

Apparently that’s not going to be an issue; Gerstein said they were going to continue to use the ad.

"Of course we will," he said. "Why in God’s name wouldn’t we, just because Ned Lamont’s people reflectively attack us? That’s just insane."

Good stuff, Dan, remember? Think about the good stuff …

Well, I’m sure Dan didn’t mean to lie outright to the journalist, hoping she wouldn’t actually follow-up on the facts or check any of the blogs who had. I mean, that would be incredibly smarmy, wouldn’t it? And unprofessional. I think that Dan is just under a lot of pressure…yeah, that’s it…pressure. (YouTube link.)   And, personally, I like CTBob’s sunset photo better anyway.

…breathe, Dan, just breathe.

(Link to the Courant via LamontBlog.)

UPDATE:  Okay — THIS is hilarious.  (via ConnecticutBill — also a YouTube)

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