Morning Cuppa…


It’s morning at the Smith household.  The poodles are frisky, the peanut is bummed because she had to go to preschool instead of staying home all day to wrestle doggies…and Jane and I and my mom are kicking back with some freshly baked blueberry muffins and coffee.  (I said screw the diet this morning, and boy am I glad…)

I heard on NPR on the way over to preschool that more than 50% of the Afghan economy is based on the drug trade at the moment.  Glenn has some thoughts on the fact that breaking the law has consequences — and I’m wondering why it is that the the Republican noise machine wants us to ignore that maxim only when Republicans are caught breaking the law.

Just starting to comb through the news and the blogs, so I thought I’d see what caught your eye in the news this morning?  Do you have a link?  What ticking you off — or making you happy — in today’s headlines?

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