Announcing the Spotlight Project


We’re pleased to announce a new feature on our site — working with The Spotlight Project, we’re going to be offering a way to email individual posts to specific journalists and media outlets with your own personal commentary.  It’s a work in progress and since FDL has a wonderfully engaged readership, we’ll ask for your patience and participation in test-driving this new feature.

At the bottom of each post you’ll now see a "Spotlight" tag next to the permalink.  Clicking it takes you to The Spotlight Project, which offers you a list of contact information which allows you to forward the post of your choice to specific journalists.  I’ll ask that folks consider several things when doing this:

  • Please be polite and reasonable.  We don’t want folks to get angry and up-in-arms over a bunch of ad hominem attacks.
  • Since it’s a serious tool that could have a profound effect as we try to re-shape the dominant narrative with key opinion makers, abusing it could not only lessen its effectiveness, it could neutralize it completely.
  • Praise is just as important — if not more so — than criticism.
  • We may have some initial birth pangs, so if you have any problems please report them here.

This is a very exciting new feature with a lot of promise and I’m sure others in the blogosphere will be watching to see how it goes on its initial test launch here at FDL.  Please take it for a spin and let us know your impressions in the comments. (Might I suggest following up on journalists who have printed Dan Gerstein’s bogus allegations about site hacking that were never substantiated?  That certainly fell into a media black hole after its damage was done, and I don’t think those base fabrications should be allowed to dissappear quite so painlessly.)

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