From a Sinking Ship…


Take a look at this photo.  There are two people in it — both of whom are responsible for Joe Lieberman’s loss yesterday in a number of ways.  Joe Lieberman is going to have to come to his own terms with himself for his role in his own defeat.

But the Republican party is in a tizzy today to erase George Bush from this picture entirely.  Why?

Because Republican candidates nationwide are looking at what happened to Joe Lieberman, and thinking about this photo and what it meant as the kiss of political death to Lieberman’s candidacy in so many ways.

…and they are wondering if they will be next.

Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman will be out in full smear gear, sending out the Wurlitzer on it’s wind up of "soft on security."  Well, I’m calling bullshit on that one right now.  I’m a former prosecutor, and I could probably outshoot Karl Rove on the gun range with a full-on case of the stomach flu.  And I stand down for no one when it comes to protecting my child, my family and my country.

Here’s the truth:  America has caught on to the fact that the Republican rhetoric is not backed up by actions that actually make us safer.  In fact, every piss poor decision that they make drags us down a more dangerous path…every single day they are in office.

No amount of screeching "terrorist" at the top of their lungs makes their failure to secure our ports, the failure to adequately inspect cargo containers entering this country, the failure to provide our first responders with adequate communications equipment almost 5 years after 9/11, their failure to adequately plan for the mess in Iraq…the list goes on and on and on.

The failure buck stops at George Bush’s desk.

The path to more safety, more security, more accountibility is a government where one party doesn’t control all the purse strings, and where oversight and accountabiity are the watchwords.  Checks and balances are essential components of liberty, and part of that is the give and take between competing interests — something we do not have with a Rubber Stamp Republican Congress and a President who wants to be king-for-a-day (so long as it doesn’t interfere with his bike ride or his bedtime or dinners with aging sports stars).  The American public deserves a government that is concerned for "we, the people," not for "me and my cronies." 

The fear this morning for GOP leadership has to be that the rank and file will choose saving their own political butts by distancing themselves from George Bush as fast as they possibly can and at every opportunity — and with that, the power chair that Karl Rove holds so dear begins to lose the legs out from under it.

You hear that sound?  Democracy is calling

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