ACTION ALERT: Net Neutrality Needs Your Phone


Matt Stoller of MyDD just phoned me with the following bit of information:  Sen. Ted Stevens (yes, THAT Sen. Stevens) is trying to pull a fast one, and get a cloture vote on net neutrality before Congress is scheduled to recess this week.  He’s been buttonholing three Senators in particular to gain their cloture vote:

— Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas

— Ben Nelson of Nebraska

— Joe Lieberman of Connecticut

Please call and/or FAX these Senators and let them know how important it is that they vote against cloture — because voting with Stevens means voting with the corporate shills who want to charge you extra to exercise your right to free speech on the internet.  You can call toll free through the Capitol switchboard at 888-355-3588.   (You can also find contact information for offices here.)

Stevens is shooting for a cloture vote on Thursday and has plans to keep everyone in a lame duck session to force a vote on net neutrality after Congress is supposed to be in recess.  If you can’t win fair and square, you try the smarmy tactics…please hit the phones.

Oh, and take a peek how a real Democrat handles the issue:  Jim Webb takes it to George Allen (via MyDD).

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