I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over twenty years now and I’ve never even considered buying an air conditioner. I pride myself on toughing out the usual two weeks in late August that get close to triple digits, but I’ve never experienced such a hot summer here.

I’m trying not to let it freak me out in an "Inconvenient Truth" kind of way. Public Service Announcements are telling me not to use appliances during peak hours to avoid what is already happening here in California, rolling blackouts. (Bad situation, great band name, some local band grabbed it…kudos!)

I’ll be in the studio recording this week, thankfully with an air conditioner, but suddenly I realize that I’ve only been boogie-boarding twice this season. Summer is half over people! If you haven’t already… get on it! Lake, river, ocean, creek, get in there.

I remember in my junior high years, unable to drive and bored in the suburbs of Chicago, my friends and I would engage in our favorite summertime heat quencher…pool hoppin’. This activity had to be done under the cover of darkness. First we’d get an older sibling or someone’s "cool", irresponsible uncle to buy us some shitty beer (two cans was pa-len-ty for me). Then, we’d find houses in our neighborhood that had pools, plan our route and get to it.

Now, and this is important, this must be done with your clothes on, including sneakers. We would, at all times have an exit strategy. If we saw those bedroom lights come on, or the screen door suddenly fly open with someone’s dad yelling at us we would get out of the pool, hop the fence, and run for our lives!

The Spin this week are some songs of my summers. I’d love to hear about the songs of yours in the comments section. Stay cooool!

This Week’s The Spin I’m In iMix 

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The Spin I'm In Episode 4

The Spin I’m In

[editor's note - songs with a * are not in the iMix this week, individual track links are provided below]

  Song Artist


Trenchtown Rock

Bob Marley & The Wailers


Proud Mary     

Ike & Tina Turner


Indian Lake     

The Cowsills



The Breeders


Dirty Back Road

The B 52s



The Rolling Stones


Jive Talkin’*

The Bee Gees


Joy To The World

Three Dog Night


Hot In The City

Billy Idol


Raspberry Beret



Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The Beach Boys