Best Reason to Vote Against Bolton


From Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), at today’s Bolton confirmation hearing:

"My objection isn’t that he’s been a bully, but that he’s been an ineffective bully," said Sen. Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat.

Good enough for me.

More on the hearing from Reuters and the AP (via Forbes).

(And because we could all, no doubt, use a giggle — on the theme of mustache humor, here is a website of photos of Kitlers.  Yes, you read me right…)

UPDATE:  Also, Taylor has a fantastic piece on the Weldon attempt to swiftboat Joe Sestak, that Howie talked about yesterday.  More at the Patriot Project.

UPDATE #2:  Here’s a choice Bolton quote:

Though Bolton supported the Vietnam War, he declined to enter combat duty, instead enlisting in the National Guard and attending law school after his 1970 graduation. "I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy," Bolton wrote of his decision in the 25th reunion book. "I considered the war in Vietnam already lost."

I’m sure all of our enlisted men and women in today’s reserves and national guard — who are serving in the sands of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan, really appreciate that sentiment. Classy. Makes me think of this.

And it seems we know where Chris Dodd stands very clearly on John Bolton.  Anyone heard a peep from Joe Lieberman — or is he hedging his bets, trying to play off both sides against each other to see who will offer him the better deal, or just plain waffling?  Anyone know?

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