Just a reminder that tomorrow at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT we’ll be having George Soros around to discuss his book The Age of Fallibility: Consequence of the War on Terror.  Week one of the discussion can be found here.  It’s quite a groundbreaking book that stands in the vanguard of deconstructing the abjectly dishonest right-wing narrative which has haunted our lives and poisoned our culture for the past five years.  

As Pach said last week, the book poses many important questions:

[H]ow can we as progressives reorient our society so that it comprehends that the so-called war on terror is a fallacy, a false metaphor?  How do we do this when even Democrats intone the language of the "war on terror" to explain their policies and positions?  How do we educate the culture so that it understands that the very notion of the "war on terror" we currently accept uncritically is entirely false?

I believe this is an important discussion, one that we’ve written about in the past which always provokes a lively debate.  We are grateful that Mr. Soros will be stopping by and contributing his thoughts to this critical conversation, so please join us.