The Kiss Float Vs. The Man

At the labor barbecue for Lieberman this week we brought the Kiss float, which drove slowly up and down the street in Joe Lieberman’s eyeline as he spoke.  Lieberman never announces his public appearances, and as a result attendence is spotty and he never gets the full press value he could out of them — and I firmly believe it is out of fear of the Kiss Float.

Anyway, shortly after Joe showed up so did the cops.  The heroic Spazeboy went running across the street to bear witness to whatever happened to CTKeith (whose father is in intensive care right now and who is in all of our thoughts and prayers tonight). 

The cop was sputtering with rage but I don’t think he liked the idea of that camera at all, and while Union bosses may have been fawning over Lieberman, Spazeboy reminds us that the rank-and-file weren’t exactly happy when the decision was made to endorse him (a classic moment Spazeboy also caught on tape ).

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