I know people around here are interested in GOTV efforts in November and beyond, we have devoted many column inches to it here at FDL.  For purely academic reasons if nothing else, I’d love for folks to take a look at the Family, Friends and Neighbors tool that the Lamont campaign is using. 

Our friend and contributor Matt Singer, who has been blogging up a storm on the Tester race over at Left in the West, had this to say about it (via email):

I dabbled into the “Family, Friends and Neighbors” tool when Tim [Tagaris] announced it the other day. Let me tell you, this tool is some hot shit. It’s quite possibly the coolest e-organizing tool I have ever seen. I’m damn curious to see how it plays out.

The technology behind it combined with text messaging and other tools could turn into some of the coolest GOTV tools our side could generate. Honestly, check the system out. It’s amazing. 

Give it a test drive, would love to hear your reviews in the comments.