FDL Thursday Meet-Up in Connecticut


An update on our Thursday night FDL meet-up at the Owenego Inn  in Branford (pictured above).  It looks like we’ll be having a special visit from the Kiss Float, which made such an impact on the Lieberman barbecue this weekend.  The only thing more surreal than a bunch of labor bosses standing around endorsing a guy who voted for NAFTA and CAFTA was the sight of that Kiss Float driving slowly up and down the street in Lieberman’s eyeline. 

Fabulous photo ops will be available for all:


Time:  7:00 pm
Address:  40 Linden Avenue, Branford, CT

Also, I’m putting the call out for a volunteer to work with Tim Tagaris on the Lamont campaign.  Tim is swamped and really, really needs someone who is either from the area or has their own place to stay here who wants to work like a fool from now until August 8.  Tim is great, he’s in charge of Internet Communications and beween maintaining the Lamont blog and coordinating the campaign’s online efforts he’s now doing the job of about five people.  

Nobody knows what will happen on August 8 in the primary, and one would have to be quite foolish not to realize that Lieberman is the heavy favorite with all his Big Pharma and defense money behind him, as well as the state political machine.  (There is a reason Lieberman steadfastly refuses to release a list of donors who gave over $200 responsible for that ungodly mountain of cash he is throwing into smear campaigning.)  

All I can tell you is that it is incredibly exciting being here, and coming together to push back against the pols who have mired us down not only in the war but in so many other problem we face has brought out the very best in people.  There’s a terrific spirit of camaraderie, of pulling together for something that is really important and win or lose it feels like quite a historic moment.  And we’re having a whole lot of fun.  If you are so inclined you can drop an email to firedoglake AT gmail DOT com and we’ll pass it on.

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