Conning Connecticut: Joenertia Reaching in the Liar Jar


The Connecticut Post has an article today on the deceptive Lieberman ad which shows a fake, mocked-up Lamont bumper sticker — done in the exact style that Ned has his own bumper stickers.  And a fake website.  In other words, the entire political advertisement is based on a lie.

From the Connecticut Post:

William Scher, of Northampton, Mass., exposed the phony bumper sticker Sunday on his Web site, The ad ran Sunday on Hartford’s WTIC-TV, during "Fox News Sunday." It was also shown duringC-SPAN’s airing of the Lieberman-Lamont debate, where Scher saw it.

Scher said his wife wanted to purchase the bumper sticker to display her anger at Lieberman, but he found that was not an active site; it had been used two years earlier in a county sheriff’s race in Arizona.

"Their central argument is that Ned Lamont has nothing to say beyond ‘I hate Joe Lieberman.’ They couldn’t find any tangible evidence of that, so they had to make it up," Scher said.

His discovery was quickly picked up by other liberal bloggers who expressed outrage at Lieberman’s use of a false image — even though many of them have embraced images "doctored" to highlight their claim that Lieberman is too close to President Bush.

Yep,. you are absolutely right that people are disgusted by politicians who lie in their campaign commercials.  As shows it:


Again, from

Further, the website on the sticker featured in the ad,, does not exist. The page is currently blank. is registered to Highground Inc. of Phoenix, AZ. A spokesperson for Highground told that the domain name was purchased in 2004 as an independent expenditure for a local campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and has no affiliation with the Connecticut Senate race.

Overall, the Lieberman campaign is well within its rights to argue that Lamont’s campaign lacks a positive message and is simply "anti-Lieberman." But creating false campaign material and passing it off as authentic? That seems at odds with the ad’s praise of Lieberman’s "principles." (emphasis mine)

When you have reached the point in your political campaign where you have to openly lie about your opponant to find some basis of attack, you have gone way over pathetic into desperation and crapola.

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