Can’t… Catch… My…Breath… Mwahahaha…


I saw this link via Howie’s Down with Tyranny blog, and I had to check it out.  Oh man…I am SO glad that I did.

Alternet has found a re-mix of the Ted Stevens ramble from last week — some enterprising person has set it to music.


And there is even more fun from

PS — If that doesn’t make you giggle, try Wolcott.  *snerk*  (Oh man, I needed that!)

PPS — If laughter isn’t your thing this afternoon, the Hamdan hearings will begin anew in the Senate Judiciary Committee at 2:15 pm ET on C-Span3.  And Crooks and Liars has a fantastic clip from John Dean’s appearance on Olberman last night that is great viewing.

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