Maxine Waters to Campaign for Lamont


I swear if it wasn’t for the Congressional Black Caucus during the Clinton impeachment hearings my faith in democracy would have crumbled right then and there.  You want a fight?  They know how to fight, which is why the right hates them and spends so much time trying to marginalize them (well, that and the fact that they’re, you know, black).  

Bobo Brooks today spreading Lieberman’s latest canard:

Next has come the effort to expel Lieberman from modern liberalism. In a dark parody of the old struggle between Eugene McCarthy and Hubert Humphrey, the highly educated, highly affluent, highly Caucasian wing of the Democratic Party has turned liberalism from a philosophy into a secular religion, and then sought to purge a battle-scarred warhorse on the grounds of insufficient moral purity.

Somebody tell Maxine Waters.  From her appearance on the Tom Joyner radio show, when asked about efforts to end the war: 

As a matter of fact, I’m talking with Mr. Lamont up in Connecticut.  He’s running against Mr. Lieberman.  As you know, Mr. Lieberman, who is a Democrat,  acts just like a Republican, has been supporting the war. Now Mr. Lamont’s got his back up (more…)

Openly gay Mauresmo wins Wimbledon

I guess with this positive news, the earth should start shaking, according to High Desert State Prison chaplain, Bill Ashmore. (365gay):

So much for Amelie Mauresmo’s reputation for getting tight and failing to win big matches. The openly gay tennis star rallied from a set down and held firm down the stretch to beat Justine Henin-Hardenne, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 Saturday to win the Wimbledon title for her second Grand Slam championship.

Mauresmo became the first French women’s singles champion at Wimbledon since Suzanne Lenglen won the last of her six titles in 1925.

It should also be noted that tennis (and gay rights) legend Martina Navratilova ended her Wimbledon career on Thursday. She will retire from all play at the end of 2006.

FDL Late Nite: Here We Come. . .

              Here come the Roots. . . 

Okay, I’m not here to engage in grassroots or netroots triumphalism.  We’re way behind in the game and the other guys still have us outgunned.  But we’re making some progress, and I wanted to highlight a few things for everybody.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on the beta development of our new Roots Project site, and I have to say, it’s going to be awesome.  We’re not ready to take it to Broadway yet, but this could provide some seriously game-changing infrastructure for progressives all around the country.  You have not heard much from me on Roots Project lately because I have not wanted to promote a new round of recruiting while we’re getting so close to a new home and organizational system.  Stay tuned! (more…)

Your Daily Ned, Saturday July 8


(Update:  There was an accident in New London when a 92 year-old man drove into a crowd where Ned was campaigning.  Several people were hurt, including Lamont staffer and ex-serviceman Rafe who suffered two broken legs pushing others out of the way.  Tim has more on Ned’s blog, where you can go and offer good wishes for Rafe’s speedy recovery — JH)

Looks like Joe Biden is going to bring his traveling Rembrandt-smile-and-hairplugs road show to the lovely city of Stamford, CT on Monday — in a bar (Tigin Irish Pub, 175 Bedford Street, 11am – noon).  Safe to say they aren’t expecting crowds.  It’s also conveniently remote from New Haven  to allow for the shipment of stunt volunteers and hopefully avoid those embarassing incidents that keep on happening every time Joe shows his face in public, courtesy of those angry New Haven bloggers.

Except it isn’t just bloggers, and it isn’t just happening in New Haven.  Recently at an event callled "Celebrate West Hartford" a volunteer was handing out Lieberman stickers to a child while the mother was in the food line. As soon as the mom saw the sticker plastered on her kid she jumped the food line, raced over and ripped it off the kid’s shirt and said "no way" as she tore it to pieces.  How very awkward for Joe.

Then there was the guy at the Willematic parade  who was heckling Joe about the war.  Joe’s pharmaceutical lobbyist wife Hadassah (side note:  Lieberman is coincidentally one of the top Senatorial recipients of Big Pharma cash) tried to step in and defuse things, but another parade patron asked "how many of your kids are serving in Iraq, Mrs. Lieberman?"  The couple made a quick exit before answering the question, so I guess we’ll never know.


Official condemnation. So recorded. (Updated)

Apparently a blogger that nobody knows wrote some ugly things in the Protein Wisdom comments section (that we are all supposed to have read) about Jeff Goldstein, his son and his wife. Therefore we, the liberal side, are guilty of not “policing our own” (which means, I guess, we have to vote her off the internets), and so we want to officially apologize to Mr. Goldstein and his family for the duress that they have been under.

We would also like to apologize to all of the conservative bloggers, who blanketed this story, for forcing them to take time off from fighting terrorists, jihadis, Islamicists, homosexuals, the UN, Darwinists, the MSM, college professors, Blogofascists, people who read books, people who go see movies, people who don’t like Lee Greenwood, people who don’t have little yellow ribbon magnets on their SUVs, people who aren’t white, people whose primary language is not english, “civil liberty hysterics”, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Howard Dean, Cindy Sheehan, John Murtha, Al Franken, Arianna Huffington, our Dark and Tempermental Lord Kos, all of those salespeople who didn’t say, “Have a Merry Christmas”, people who wear hats in movies, people who don’t find a song (more…)

Justice in a Sea of Destruction?

Get your own Neocon Monopoly Game Board!
Limited time only; while supplies last.

Thank you for purchasing the game of PetropolyTM! It’s the game of corporate corruption and war profiteering for the whole family! Get a leg-up on the competition for reconstruction contracts — any war will do — by working those "political connections." (Like having the current vice president as a former CEO is a plus, but not required. Setting up shop in just the right district is a good start, however.) Soon, you’re on your way to Baghdad and insurgent strongholds to put up lights in a school… that eventually start to fall from the ceilings. Or perhaps you will build emergency clinics — all 20 of the 142 you were suppose to. Maybe you will be delivering trucks that you think don’t need to be working to fulfill your end of the deal. But hey, you got paid. And that’s all that really matters, right?

The allegations of impropriety by contractors in Iraq are well documented. Within the past couple months, I have tried to drag out some of these stories and outrageous quotes from the recesses of the the back pages of newspapers where they go to die and wither away from the consciousness of the general public.

For instance, how many people in the real world know about this story from an article on March 25, 2006 on the Washington Post‘s page A15? (more…)

sHillary won't touch SSM with a ten-foot pole on her SF road trip

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sHillary flew to San Francisco to offer her support to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides, and for some reason didn’t have anything to say about marriage equality. Hmmmmm. What do you think is up with that? (SFGate):

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton — widely considered a 2008 Democratic presidential favorite — was surrounded in San Francisco on Friday by Democrats outspoken on the issue of same-sex marriage: a mayor who issued a landmark city decision to declare same-sex unions legal, a state assemblyman at the forefront of same-sex marriage legislation, and the party’s pro-gay marriage candidate for governor.

But even standing alongside San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, and state Treasurer Phil Angelides, the Democratic candidate for governor, on the morning after New York’s highest court upheld a state ban on same-sex marriage, Clinton steadfastly ignored questions about the issue.

Angelides, in contrast is right out front on the issue, saying he would sign a bill for marriage equality without hesitation.

“I consider one of the great blessings in my life that I grew up in a wonderful, stable, loving family. I believe every Californian, every American … ought to have the right to grow up in a loving family. And I would sign the marriage equality bill, because I believe that if we get behind people … being in loving relationships, that’s a good thing for this society. And I’d sign the gay marriage bill because I’d hope that every child would have the opportunity to grow up in a loving family.”

The article does get a dig in at the wish-washy NY senator by pointing out that on a 1996 book tour in the area, she had no problem articulating her position on SSM.

“Children are better off if they have a mother and a father,” Clinton said in the San Francisco interview with the then-Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner. “My preference is that we do all we can to strengthen traditional marriage … and that people engaged in parenting children be committed to one another.”

That view, it is noted, echoes the majority ruling of the Empire State’s highest court the other day, which ridiculously intimated that children are better off raised in traditional mother/father families.


An interesting blog post to check out is “The End Of Gay Marriage” over at He’s taking the position that we should set aside the fight for marriage equality (in this political round) to focus on civil unions, anti-discrimination measures and fair housing to name a few.

The majority opinion by the New York Supreme Court against gay marriage presumed ‘societal goals’ were grounded solely in the ‘argument’ that straight parents are better than gay parents, although no studies have measured any difference in the development of such children raised alternatively, at this point. However, given that the legal setback is disappointing, TCF believes there’s finally a sliver lining to the decision.

Those of us on the Left should now spin this as an end to this costly wedge issue and concede that, for the time being, the American people – through the independent judicial branch that reflects their values – have spoken on the issue.

Gay Marriage may never happen in my lifetime and I really don’t care to perfectly honest. As a gay man, I do have other priorities and causes that would improve my life, rather than focusing on having the right to have such an elusive commitment as recognizable and lawful.

I politely disagree, simply because backing off is precisely what the fundamentalists (as well as the “Class of sHillary” Dems) want. The horse of anti-gay political activism has been out of the barn for some time now, and if gays and allies don’t pressure their purported political allies at high levels to speak up (as Russ Feingold and Ted Kennedy have; the list is sadly short), the media and “voter education” vacuum will be filled by the intolerant bigots who have a well-worn game plan.

These state amendments are passing because of political inaction by Democrats to counter the frame set by the religious right and Karl Rove, period. The fact is that the Rovian Right will not stop their campaign to demonize and legally discriminate against LGBT citizens; they will continue to try to appeal to the ignorance and homophobia in religious minority communities that may not vote for a Republican candidate, but they can be guided to vote for marriage amendments and provide obstacles against other anti-discrimination legislation by electing local officials who toe the fundie line.

SF Assemblyman Mark Leno was right when he said:

“there are unfortunately few national leaders who wish to address the subject and even fewer who wish to embrace it as the civil rights issue that it is…I believe that those of us who support marriage equality and the issue itself suffer due to the lack of leadership,” he said. “We’d be making greater progress if we had some folks speaking up.”

We can do the heavy lifting of being out and living our lives to show our friends and neighbors that gay equality is not a threat to their families, marriages or any of the homo nightmares being spun by the bible beaters. However, without a significant number of vocal political allies, we will continue to see anti-gay legislation pass, despite our significant equality inroads in the corporate arena in terms of anti-discrimination policies and courting of the gay market. Progress in both avenues is essential.

Hat tip, Paul

Brits nix concerts of Jamaican homobigots

Keith Boykin blogs about the deep-sixing of upcoming concerts of dancehall recording artists (and anti-gay bigots) Buju Banton and Beenie Man.

There were sizeable protests by gay rights groups against the artists, who haven’t stopped singing about killing gays (“batty boys”), after The two performers appearing to agree to cease singing the gay bashing crap. But they haven’t stopped, and so the concerts will not go on. The lyrics are inexcusably violent.

Listen to Buju Banton in “Boom Bye Bye.” He says, “Anytime Buju Banton come, batty boy get up and run, ah gunshot in ah head man … Boom, bye bye, in a batty boy head.” The phrase “batty boy” is Jamaican patois slang to refer to a gay man. The lyrics to the song, loosely translated by the British press, mean the following: “Anytime Buju Banton comes along, gays get and up and run. A bullet in the head … Bang, bye, bye, in the gay man’s head.”

In Beenie Man’s song “Han Up Deh,” he says, “Hang chi chi gal wid a long piece of rope.” The term “chi chi” is a Jamaican reference to homosexuality. The term is often used to refer to “chi chi men” but can also refer to lesbians (chi chi women or chi chi girls). Loosely translated, the lyrics mean, “Hang lesbians with a long piece of rope.”

These cretins have a right to sing whatever they want, but promoters don’t have to give them a venue to perform and profit from spreading filth like that. Keith asks a good question about the obligation on our shores to call out the artists who don’t mind spewing out homophobic rants in song.

It’s good to see the British are active, but why aren’t we speaking up with the same outrage here in the United States? The black gay community in the U.S. is much larger than the community in Britain. So why aren’t black gays and lesbians leading the charge against homophobic music in black America?

…It’s 2006, and it’s time for gays and lesbians on this side of the pond to wake up and get involved in stopping the homophobic music in our own country. Yet when Buju Banton performed in May at the UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest, there was hardly even a whimper of protest. We need a public education campaign to let people know about some of the homophobic music and artists out there. And we need to teach some of the anti-gay artists a lesson. If you mess with us, we’ll mess with you.