In typical Murray fashion, the big nugget in Waas’ article jumps out in paragraph 39:

A senior government official who has spoken to the president about the matter said that although Bush encouraged Cheney to get information out to rebut Wilson’s charges, Bush was unaware that Cheney had directed Libby to leak classified information….

Let’s play guess the Senior Government Official, shall we? Rover? Hadley? It’s present tense, so likely not Armitage or Powell…hmmm, Condi, is that you, girlfriend?  Someone driving that big ole bus with Cheney’s name on it — and as much as we want to find out who it is, imagine how the Snarling King of All Internecine Warfare is feeling this morning?

That Matalin fundraiser for Scootie-poot takes on a whole new layer of meaning in terms of "firewall mending and maintenance" if the behind-the-scenes activity in the Bush White House is suddenly Bush v. Cheney, doesn’t it?

Happy Independence Day, indeed.  (Come to Jesus, Scooter, don’t be the sacrificial pawn.)

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