I Love a Parade

It was a fabulous day for a 4th of July parade in the Connecticut heat.  Both Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman walked the parade in Willimantic, but the most attention went to a float of "the kiss" made by "dad" who posts on My Left Nutmeg. The dogs and I walked the parade with other bloggers like CTKeith (who threw "kiss" buttons from the float), DeanFan84, CTBlogger and many others (we even have a walk-on in the video above by Spazeboy).  Maura from MLN had a great post yesterday entitled "Joe Arranges for His Own Plan B, But Opposes Plan B for Rape Victims" and that wound up on signs plastered to the float.  It was definitely the parade’s biggest attention-grabber.


People responded really enthusiastically to Ned and Joe is increasingly becoming a state joke.  Spazeboy also has a great video where he interviews people holding Lieberman signs, who admit they are Republicans.  

Much more soon. Rumors are flying fast and furious, and there was a lot of interesting local reaction to Joe’s announcement I’ll get into later.  And Paul Bass has a write-up of our high speed chase to Hartford for Joe’s press conference here (although I’ll add that I was doing 90 trying to keep up with Tim Tagaris, I wasn’t in the lead).

Update:  Scarce has more YouTube video of the parade here

Update II:  CTBlogger has more parade video.  Friggin’ poodles everywhere. 

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