Sore Loserman


(Graphic by FXQ)

The Lieberman presser just ended in Hartford, and I just got off the phone with Jane.  She and Paul Bass and the poodles are back in the car and driving over to a Ned Lamont presser.  But she had time to relay this quote from Boltin’ Joe:

I have loyalties that are greater than those to my party.

Anyone want to ask Chuck Schumer how he’s feeling about his Lieberman support now?  Hello netroots, I believe we’ve just scored a direct hit on the hypocrisy meter…

Oh, and feel the Joe-Nertia.  MSNBC is covering Roger Ebert’s health update.  CNN is doing a driver cell phone story.  And FOX is covering the ever-popular 4th of July topic of "fireworks…dangerous."

UPDATE:  Readers Andy Ternay and Siun have a great idea:

Siun at 9 has a great suggestion: contact the DSCC and tell them to back Democrats not former Dems.

Call the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at 202-224-2447 or email them here.

I think Chuck needs to know how we all feel about Boltin’ Joe. 

UPDATE #2:  A little bird tells me that the Lieberman/Lamont debate will be broadcast live on C-Span at 7:00 pm ET on Thursday.  Woot!  (And, speaking of C-Span, they are re-broadcasting YKos panels all week this week at 4:00 pm ET every day on C-Span2.)

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